Friday, March 26, 2010

24 weeks...and such

24 weeks - I'm still feeling very good most of the time. I feel the baby move all the time...she is pretty active, and have even seem my belly squirm when she kicks. I am getting too excited to meet her and start our life as our family of 4.

Logan has been acting very 2 this week. He doesn't seem to want to listen and does things he knows he shouldn't do sometimes, he had his first time out on Tuesday. I can't believe just how smart he is though! He is now putting 3 words together at a time. He knows where all the parts on his body are and can even say them. We are working on the ABC's right now...he's got a few down, B, M, O, Q, P..and we have been trying to sit on the potty a few times a day, nothing has happened with that so far he doesn't seem to interested.

A pillowcase dress i made for's a pattern from i really thought it would easier to do that it was, the arm holes where hard, but i may try again. This one is super tiny, so maybe next summer i will make her a few more.

Peanut butter face Logan playing in the sink with bubbles while helping me make peanut butter oatmeal cookies! He loved licking the PB spatula :)

Cupcakes! I wanted to eat some white cake :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

21 weeks - It's a girl!

I am 21 weeks pregnant now, as of last Friday and still feeling very good! My back and legs do get very sore and i get tired alot. I'm more than half way done and getting very excited to meet the little person and get to know them more! I always wonder what they will look like - we found out on Feb 22nd that they are pretty sure it's going to be a little girl. We are only going to have two children so i know this will probably be my last chance to be pregnant so i'm trying to savor it! I've shopped a little for our daughter...she might have enough stuff for her first month now and i plan to make her lots of dresses!