Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our Advent Calendar

This is the advent calendar i made for the's 4oz. metal tins with magnets on the back and number stickers on the front, i plan to resuse it every year. This year there are only things inside for Logan, since Holly is only 5 months but next year there will be stuff for both. Inside for Logan there are some glitter glues, Toy Story lip chap (since he always wants to use mine), some chocolates and lots of notes, they notes either led to treat that wouldn't fit in the tins (a puzzle, a book, coloring book, straw cup) or have activities on them for us to do that day. He really loved opening the tin today, it's also great with the number learning because i ask him to find the "1"...first he pointed to 11, so i said just one "1".

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

2010 Christmas ornaments

Every year i want to make my kids a Christmas ornament until they are 18, so when they leave home they have a box to start their own Christmas tree off! I made Logan a fish for his first Christmas and an "L" for his second. Here are the ones i made this year...the green argle is for Logan, the pink damask one for Holly and the other 3 are for some other gifts. It was really fun to use some of my cute fabrics and only cost me around $2 for the ribbons and buttons.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Look what i did last night...

I made a new crib skirt for Holly and a few weeks ago i made her another crib sheet...she now has 5 and i don't think you can really have too many. I remember one day when Logan was younger he went through all 3 of his because of being sick. I love the skirt fabric and decided to try out making a pleat in the middle which has a little bit of the blue fabric like the flowers on the sheet. I have some fabric left so i may even make her another changing pad cover.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

29 months - Logan

Just a few things i want to remember...
- yesterday Logan was telling me all about the day Holly was born, he said he remembered coming to visit us at the hospital and then asked me "did Holly wear her pajamas when she was in your belly?"
- today he wanted to put on his own underwear, he did it great! but they where backwards. I asked him if he wanted me to help him fix them and he said that no he likes them better this i guess he's wearing backwards underwear for the whole day :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Project: Keepsake Birth Info Pillows

These are the 2 little pillows i got finished for Logan and Holly last night! I think they turned out pretty cute and will be a nice keepsake for them when they get older. I wish i had know that Holly's name was so much bigger than Logans though! I designed the fabric on and then got it printed, so neat!

(Holly - 3 months, Logan - 29 months)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bake N Blog - Cupcake #11: Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache and Cream Filling


This recipe is from ming makes cupcakes -

These cupcakes where pretty easy to make, and the ingredients are things i usually have on hand. I started by mixing the chocolate cupcake batter...and tasting! it was a delicious batter. I baked the cupcakes for the exact time on the recipe (20 minutes) and they turned out great. I do think thought that the recipe should have a little more deltail about how many cupcakes you should get (i got 12) and how full you should fill the cups (i filled them 3/4 full). As the cupcakes where baking i made the cream time i think i would leave out the almond and then the chocoalte ganache. When the cupcakes where cooled i used a knife to cut out the middle and used a pastry bag to fill them with the cream, put a little ganache on top and then in the fridge.

In the future i don't think i would make this combination of cupcakes again, i will forsure make the chocoalte cupcakes though, it is a great recipe for chocoalte cake and would taste yummy with chocolate icing or even as black forest. All together i thought this cupcake combo was a little too sweet!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Modern Baby Book from dottedcrossdesigns

I wanted to share Hollys new baby book from dottedcrossdesigns on etsy (check her shop out!), it came in the mail today and i'm SO happy with it! You get to decide what you want on the outside and what type of theme and colors you want the inside pages to be and you can choose to have personalzation on the front.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

We made it through the first month!

Logan's crazy bed head!

Tummy time :) my new project is tummy time pillows for the etsy shop - just testing them out, hers is pretty cute with hedgehogs and mushrooms.

The first month with Holly has gone by so fast! And she is a great sleeper, this week she has been sleeping at least 5 hours at a time in the night and even last night went for 7 hours! I've been trying to make her day sleeping and her night sleeping different from each other - day sleeping she's not swaddled and lights on and she's usually around us so it's noisey and then for the night she's in the dark in her bassinet with her woombie on and classical sleepy music playing. When Logan was a newborn all i remember is being exhausted and hardly being able to keep my eyes open when i would need to feed him in the night, he for sure did not sleep as long as her! it took him 7 months to sleep through the night.
Logan is being a great big brother, he doesn't seem to be getting that jealous of her but sometimes he does think he needs to drink milk when she's drinking her bottle. I've been trying to make sure he gets outside for some time everyday. Yesterday in the backyard i would throw him a baseball underhand and he could hit it with his bat! Pretty amazing for a little guy. He has insisted a few times this week that he NEEDED to wear him underwear instead of a pull up for his nap and bedtime...and i've had to wash his bedding a few times.
Dustin is also being a huge help with things! And i have been getting a little sewing done. I shipped off a small wholesale order last week and got another one this week to start working on when the fabric arrives. We have family pictures scheduled for Sept 11th with Amber Holt Photography , i'm very excited and have put all our outfits together all ready.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Just cuteness...

Logan made himself a snack..

4 weeks old!

Tummy time!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Holly's new colorful mobile...

I wanted to make Holly a mobile for her room when i was pregnant with her...but never got around to it, this week i found a great tutorial for a polka dots crib mobile from this site - and decided to try it out. I changed a few things..i did two different sizes of dots, and i did a zig zag stitch down the dots and ribbons which made the ribbon have a little twist which i really like. I think the mobile turned out great and cost me under $10 to make!