Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our Advent Calendar

This is the advent calendar i made for the's 4oz. metal tins with magnets on the back and number stickers on the front, i plan to resuse it every year. This year there are only things inside for Logan, since Holly is only 5 months but next year there will be stuff for both. Inside for Logan there are some glitter glues, Toy Story lip chap (since he always wants to use mine), some chocolates and lots of notes, they notes either led to treat that wouldn't fit in the tins (a puzzle, a book, coloring book, straw cup) or have activities on them for us to do that day. He really loved opening the tin today, it's also great with the number learning because i ask him to find the "1"...first he pointed to 11, so i said just one "1".