Friday, April 16, 2010

Nursery for baby #2

The bassinet all ready to go, with a matress cover i made.

A crib sheet and blanket made by me, the amazing little elephant was made by Lily check out her shop!
Change table cover made by me along with the matching crib last projects are a matching snail valance and polka dot roman blinds.

A wonderful owl bow/clip holder off etsy (all hair clips are from etsy too!)

Matching snails pillow made me me :) alont with the birds waterproof changing pad. The chenille elephant is off etsy.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Logan's Big Brother Gift

I had this backpack custom made for Logan! I sent her the snail fabric and she has created it for us. I will fill it with a change of clothes and sleeper for when i go into labour and i even got the bigger size for 3 years and up so that he can use it when he starts school...
And a new book!

The backpack is from: check them out!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

23 months, 26 weeks and cute baby thigns!

23 months old - A little hockey dude!..he now knows letters A-Z, and some of them even what starts with B = 2 Bobbys - Bobby Hull and Or. We doing numbers right now too and trying to get him to learn a few colors. Logan loves shooting hockey pucks, and swinging his golf club (we try to not let him do it inside too much since he can get dangerous) and whenever we need to go anywhere he has to collect a rock from our front "garden" area or he may have a melt down, he loves our neighbors cat, he is very gentle to pet it and yesterday we followed her around a bit. He spent his Easter money on a new book - Hockey Numbers and i bought him another new one as well - Panda Bear Panda Bear What do you see? because i get tired of reading the same 5 over and over all day :) Logan is a pretty good eater, he loves a lot of different foods..i think right now his favorite is a PB sandwhich, sometimes he wants jam and sometimes he says no to it. He really seems to always know what is going's funny sometimes when Dustin hugs me for too long he starts saying "mommy! daddy!"...not sure why though. I think he will do very well when the new baby comes. And for some reason he knows everyone on the show The Office..Dustin and i watched all the seasons last month to catch up and Logan was just playing with his toys, but now he really pays attention if we watch it on TV and knows Pam, Jim, Kevin, Dwight, Oscar and Micheal..
A baby present from Darcy! I am in love with this cute little's perfect and i can't wait to put it in baby #2's head! actually in the middle of making a skirt for her that it will match perfectly with.

Okay, this will be my last baby buy...i really couldn't resist ordering this cute fleece hearts jacket off ebay!'s 18 months so it will fit her next fall/spring (still fits Logan now at 23 months)