Friday, October 2, 2009

The Gar Gar Truck

My son is very persistant...and i'm pretty sure he get's it from me!
Logan heard a Garbage truck this morning, so we had to go look out the window and there in the Tim Hortons parking lot was the truck lifting up and dumping the bin, we kept watching until the truck drove away. Then all we kept hearing then was "gar gar" "gar gar" "gar gar" so i would go over to the window and show him "the truck is all finished here now and has gone on to do other jobs" a few minutes later "gar gar" "the truck is all done here but we will see it in a few more days again" "gar gar" and so on. Even when we went out for the day and pulled up to our house again he pointed at the parking lot and said "gar gar" "your right the truck was there this morning but it's all gone right now" I think this garbage truck was the highlight to his day! I think it's amazing the things that just capture him!
Whenver we read the book "Huge Machines" Logan points to the picture of the Semi Truck and says "bu" or bus and i then have to say "no that's a big truck!" "bu" "no that's a semi truck like daddy drives" then Logan shakes his head and says "bu" again...i'm not sure if he's shaking his head to say "hey mom! it's a bus!" or "no it's not a bus" we can really do this for 5 minutes, back and forth "bu" "no that's a big truck, see it's carrying pigs!" "bu" "that's a big truck!" He just doesn't give up :)

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