Friday, June 11, 2010

35 weeks!

5 or less weeks to go!
After having a rough couple of weeks and being in the hospital twice i am feeling good now! I am still unable to work and supposed to be taking it easy, which is very hard for me.
I have now gained 19 lbs. and baby is measuring at 34. Her heartbeat is great - usually around 145, 150 and she is doing well. She moves all the time! i really don't remember Logan moving this much, he had his bum on one side and legs on the other and it stayed like that. She is constantly squirming and shifting sides and stretching my stomach in weird looking ways! Feeling that is going to be something i miss, but i can't wait to meet her...or him!!


  1. OMG Jaimie you make the cutest preggers person.

  2. Awhh. What a cute little belly:) Congrats on 35 weeks. Keep that baby cooking.

  3. wow 35 weeks already!! I hope that you can take it easy.