Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Holly's Birth Story

(during labour)

On the morning of Saturday July 3rd as i was reading in bed waiting for Logan to wake up i started timing Braxton Hicks contractions that where very intense, they where coming every 10 minutes but didn't hurt. We just went about our day and made some cookies, went to a Farmers Market with my mom and also the park with my parents. The Braxton Hicks where still coming all day, not hurting and not getting any closer. At 8 pm i had a cup of Raspberry Leaf tea, i'm not sure if this helped anything along or what, but at 10 pm the contractions started to hurt a bit, they where still 10 minutes apart, so i just tried to fall alseep but our neighbor was blasting music, so i finished sewing up a bib for an order and worked on changing my shoe patterns a little. I think around 11 pm Dustin got home and wanted to get right to the hospital, i said lets just wait until 12 and see what's going on...at 12 they where still 10 minutes apart and hurting a little more so i then said lets just wait until 1 and see, at some point between 12 and 1 we both fell alseep, i woke up in pain sometime just before 2 am, i sat and timed the contractions which where 5 minutes apart and painful, Dustin called my parents to come over and be there for Logan in the morning and i took a hot bath, the hot water felt good on my stomach as i was getting contractions. We left for the hospital and got there sometime around 3 am, the contractions where now 3 minutes apart, we spent a few minutes in the triage, where i was checked and told to be 6 cm dilated and then where moved to a labour/delivery room. Around 3:45 am my water broke during a contaction and by about 4:25 am i said i needed to push, the nurse checked me and said i was 10 cm, got things ready and the doctor came in, i remember only pushing through one contraction and she was out at 4:29 am and placed on my chest. I am very happy to have been able to have another natural drug free delivery as well as not having to get stiches this time, after delivery i felt pretty good! I did forget just how much the contactions do hurt and that intense feeling of needing to push, but i think i did a good job of breathing through it. Dustin was a huge help as well, he was always beside me and let me hold and squeeze his hand through contactions, when i said i didn't think i could do this again nautrally he told me i had done it once before so he knew i could. We stayed in the hospialt for the day on Sunday and got to go home on Sunday night, just 15 hours after she was born. Our first night at home was very nice, Holly is a great calm and sleepy baby. We are so happy she is part of our life now!

Holly Emma Grace Andreasen

July 4th 4:29 am

6 lbs. 8 ounces

49 cm long


  1. Wow Jaimie! That is so great that she wasn't a difficult labor! Grats again!

  2. jaimie, i just discovered your awesome blog!
    i'm so glad to get to read all about Holly's arrival--a lot of it i didn't know--what a great story! you're a great blogger, got me all teared up reading about your delivery.
    love ya lots,
    miriam xoxoxox