Thursday, September 24, 2009

A cute new nursery in the works!

When i was getting Logan's nursery ready before he was born we didn't have a lot of money to spend and i didn't really care if not everything matches, i did have an underwater/nemo theme in mind. Since i have been making crib bedding sets, and curtains for people...and they are always so cute and hard to give away :) I have decided to make one for our nursery with the money i make sewing!

I ordered tons of this fabric! I love the colors and the simple design, if we have a girl next i think it would work okay too. I plan to make a crib sheet, a front pannel for our crib skirt (don't really need the others...more work for nothing, and then you just attach the one with double sided tape) curtains to cover the ugly black out ones and a cover for the change table all with chocolate brown accents.

I have ordered these little cards! So cute, the are the numbers one through ten with little drawings of animals and such for each number. I will get some wire and clips to hang them above the crib.

With my next sale i plan to buy this print to put in a frame we already have and put it above the dresser.

Since the dresser in the nursery is pretty plain i was thining of buying some number vinyl decals like these to put on it!
I can't wait to get it all together and will post pictures when it all comes together in the next month.


  1. This is all so cute Jaimie! You are so talented, I'm jealous! I am finding out what we're having on Tuesday, and after I want to make everything for the room this time (especially if it's a boy) so I might have to call you for pointers. I love seeing all your creations! Do you have an announcement too, or just being prepared?

  2. I am soo excited for you and can't wait to see what your having! We don't have an annoucment yet...hopefully by the end of the year though! I'm just tired of Logan's boring room!

    You can for sure email with anything you need help on. I just find all the stuff i do on the internet, there are some great easy patterns for crib sheets.