Monday, September 21, 2009

I love being Logan's mommy!

I wanted to start a family blog to write about things that happen day to day as our family growns and Logan learns more and more! A while ago i started a journal for Logan on the day we found out he was coming and wrote to him all through out my pregnancy and every few weeks as he get's older! I plan to show it to him when he's older or maybe even him and his wife when they are expecting.

In the past few weeks i've noticed a huge change in his words, he's using more and knows some words that i didn't even realize he did! His new thing is putting his own diaper in the garbage after he is changed. He says "dirty" and "garbage" and " bum bum" and wants to get down and even knows where the garbages are in the house!! I think it's pretty amazing....not go great though when he trys to throw away the cloth diapers!

He loves lawn mowers and buses, and bikes....Dustin says some of the words he says like "elmo" and "mom" or even "nemo" all sound the same, but i can forsure tell the difference between them! Whenever he hears a lawn mower outside or a motercyle he runs to the window to check it out and just says the word over and over! His new one is buses though, he points at school and city buses when we are driving and says "buu".

It's really amazing watching him grow! and i just hope i can teach him to be a great person, and also not be so shy like me :) i know he's alreay getting there because one day out for a walk he had to wave at everyone in all the cars driving by us!



  1. Logan is so adorable Jaimie! They grow and learn so fast - enjoy every precious moment!

  2. It's so neat that you're keeping a journal for him to read later. He will love that!