Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bake N Blog - Cupcake #11: Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache and Cream Filling


This recipe is from ming makes cupcakes -

These cupcakes where pretty easy to make, and the ingredients are things i usually have on hand. I started by mixing the chocolate cupcake batter...and tasting! it was a delicious batter. I baked the cupcakes for the exact time on the recipe (20 minutes) and they turned out great. I do think thought that the recipe should have a little more deltail about how many cupcakes you should get (i got 12) and how full you should fill the cups (i filled them 3/4 full). As the cupcakes where baking i made the cream time i think i would leave out the almond and then the chocoalte ganache. When the cupcakes where cooled i used a knife to cut out the middle and used a pastry bag to fill them with the cream, put a little ganache on top and then in the fridge.

In the future i don't think i would make this combination of cupcakes again, i will forsure make the chocoalte cupcakes though, it is a great recipe for chocoalte cake and would taste yummy with chocolate icing or even as black forest. All together i thought this cupcake combo was a little too sweet!


  1. OMG! These look fabulous!! I am going out of my mind looking at all of these cupcakes and everyones responses. I am definitely adding this one to my list.

    Thanks for sharing...

    Sara - Cupcake #32

  2. looks delish, even if it was too sweet!

  3. They definitely turned out beautifully! Thanks for the review!

    Angela (cupcake #7)

  4. Man those look good! Cute cupcake liners too!

    Lindy (aka craftedbylindy) Cupcake #4

  5. Mmmm....looks like hostess cupcakes--but i'm sure yours tasted better! They are pretty to look at, and I had similar issues with my recipe. Some ingredients were even left out of the instructions!!

  6. oh yeah! And your pictures are lovely!!

  7. wow. very mouth-watering pictures. I wish I know how to make them my own.Buy Cakes