Wednesday, August 4, 2010

We made it through the first month!

Logan's crazy bed head!

Tummy time :) my new project is tummy time pillows for the etsy shop - just testing them out, hers is pretty cute with hedgehogs and mushrooms.

The first month with Holly has gone by so fast! And she is a great sleeper, this week she has been sleeping at least 5 hours at a time in the night and even last night went for 7 hours! I've been trying to make her day sleeping and her night sleeping different from each other - day sleeping she's not swaddled and lights on and she's usually around us so it's noisey and then for the night she's in the dark in her bassinet with her woombie on and classical sleepy music playing. When Logan was a newborn all i remember is being exhausted and hardly being able to keep my eyes open when i would need to feed him in the night, he for sure did not sleep as long as her! it took him 7 months to sleep through the night.
Logan is being a great big brother, he doesn't seem to be getting that jealous of her but sometimes he does think he needs to drink milk when she's drinking her bottle. I've been trying to make sure he gets outside for some time everyday. Yesterday in the backyard i would throw him a baseball underhand and he could hit it with his bat! Pretty amazing for a little guy. He has insisted a few times this week that he NEEDED to wear him underwear instead of a pull up for his nap and bedtime...and i've had to wash his bedding a few times.
Dustin is also being a huge help with things! And i have been getting a little sewing done. I shipped off a small wholesale order last week and got another one this week to start working on when the fabric arrives. We have family pictures scheduled for Sept 11th with Amber Holt Photography , i'm very excited and have put all our outfits together all ready.

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