Monday, January 4, 2010

12 Weeks

I was 12 weeks pregnant on Friday the 1st. I am still feeling good! sometimes i forget we're having another baby becuase i feel normal, just very tired and my back is sore every night...i think that may have something to do with having to carry a 27 lb. toddler, something i didn't have to do last time. I'm going to start going to prenatal yoga on Wednesday night this week, because i enjoyed it so much! Otherwise the only craving i have is for ice ice ice cold water and when i want some i just can drink enough of it...i think it's pretty weird since usually i like my water room temp.

I do feel as though this baby is a girl...we will see on Feb 22nd though. Just because i feel totally different from when i was pregnant with Logan. And whenever i picture our family later this year i always see a little girl with bows and dresses. I have no preference to what sex of baby we have though! i could totally picture myself being a mom to 2 little boys as well! Girly stuff is so fun though!!

Logan loves the baby already, he knows it's in my tummy (but then sometimes he also thinks he has a baby in his tummy! or Dustin does), and lifts up my shirt to see, he then give it a pat and says "baby" but then since he's a boy he has to add a poke to my belly button "poke!"

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