Saturday, January 23, 2010

14 weeks along and 20 months old!

Logan is now 20 months and a few weeks and it's amazing how much he knows! His favorite word to use right now is "no", everything is a "no" He knows tons of others though and sometimes even puts two words together! , he knows which animals are which, which body parts are which on himself and others. He copies things people do as well!
We are now 15 weeks pregnant as well (this 14 week picture is late because of computer problems last week) I'm still feeling very good, just a sore back sometimes after work. I think i'm a little more scared for labour this time just because i know what's coming and i know what it's like, before with Logan it was more like an adventure because i never knew what it would be like. I want to try to have another natural drug free birth since that made me happy.

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